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Quality vs. Quantity

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Quality versus Quantity. Isn’t this a concept that’s been around since, well, who knows when? It applies to so much. You could have 1000 CDs, but if you keep going back to the same 50, isn’t that a waste of the money you spent on those other 950? Or you could have 25 “friends,” but if the relationships aren’t true and meaningful, then are they really considered¬†friends? As promised in my first post, tonight’s ramblings are on just that, as applied to social media and inspired by a tweet…”Harvard Business Review says Twitter follower numbers don’t equal influence.” Social media very much mirrors the real world. There are millions of users, and you could have thousands of followers, but if you’re not connecting with them, you’re missing out on a whole wide world of opportunities. We have at our fingertips the opportunity to learn something every day, meet people we otherwise wouldn’t in our daily lives and find out about news that somehow impacts us. But if you’re choosing to simply follow thousands of people to have thousands of followers in return, there is no connection. There’s no opportunity to learn, to share thoughts, or to be inspired.

Using social media as a tool in your company’s marketing plan is the same. You can build a whole following of thousands, but if you’re not connecting with them somehow, if you don’t remember that’s it’s a two-way conversation, and an opportunity to build a relationship, it’s a waste of your time. The value isn’t in the quantity, but the quality — the quality of the tweets, the quality of the followers, the quality of the “influencers.” Are you connecting with people who can really help you to brand your company, or are you just focused on how many new followers you can garner in a week. their

I always get a little laugh when I see a tweet that says “follow me please.” Why? Why should we follow you? Who are you? Are you going to share something with me that is meaningful or relevant? Social media is a whole new world, and it provides lots of users with the means to tweet about their breakfast or their plans for the evening. But if they cannot add any value to your life, or impact the public view of your company, then what is the point?

Social media isn’t about the numbers — it’s about the quality of the information you’re sending out, and what you’re receiving in return. Quality vs. quantity. If it’s one or the other, I’d choose quality any day of the week.


Author: Nancy Jean

I love reading, writing, music, the beach, and being a mom to two rescue dogs. My job is social media for health care.

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