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A cracked iPhone — the horror

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As I was enjoying a lovely Saturday of a long weekend, I took my dog to meet her other doggie friend at a lovely little place called Chase Farm in Lincoln, RI. I had an outer shirt which had a pocket that was perfect for my month-old iPhone, so off we went for a lovely morning. Until I got into the parking lot, decided it was too hot and took off my outer shirt, which regrettably, contained my iPhone. Bad move! The incredible piece of technology that has quickly come to feel as if it is an extension of myself fell out of the pocket and of course landed on its beautiful, flawless touchscreen.

I gingerly reached down and picked up my prized possession, only to find a diagonal crack along its face. Marred, scarred, ugh! How could I have been so stupid, so careless? Now, with crazy dog pulling me relentelessly to see her little male canine companion, I had no choice but to continue on with my day as planned, cracked iPhone or not. The good news — it was still working, and perfectly at that!

As soon as our trek was complete, I did a little research only to find that this is a common problem. And now I feel the panic welling up thinking of the time I may have to spend separated from this ingenious little invention while it is repaired. If you’ve experienced this horror, please let me know what I can expect in the coming days as I plan to deliver my precious bundle for some badly needed repairs.

Author: Nancy Jean

I love reading, writing, music, the beach, and being a mom to two rescue dogs. My job is social media for health care.

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