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How to explain what you do when social media is your job


I have a great job. Every day I get to represent an organization I truly believe in through the world of social media. Some people don’t understand this at all (my parents still do not understand how to explain my job to people). Other people don’t understand why companies need to be in social media or why we care what people say online (I’m still working on my husband with this one!). Still others think it’s a fun job where you get to tweet all day (really??). And many of my friends have never even looked at Twitter (OK, so I’m the geek among them).

So just how do we explain our role when social media is our job? There are plenty of job descriptions out there to pick from since the social media manager has now become an official job. But I think I can provide a fairly good explanation even for the non-techie folks out there — when social media is your job, you serve as the public face of the organization in the online world — as a storyteller, a customer service representation, and an advocate for your company’s mission.

For me, this feels like the role I should have been doing for a long, long time. Unfortunately, the technology wasn’t always there! For the first time in my 20+ years in health care communications, I feel like I am making a small difference, and actually have the opportunity to interact one on one with people. Like I said, it’s a great job, and one I don’t take lightly. Not only does it help to pay my bills, but I ENJOY it!

Yes, it’s busy managing multiple accounts, and there’s lots of reading to do in the off hours to keep up with the technology, but when you get a tweet that says “thanks for sending me the map of the campus,” or “thanks so much for taking such great care of my child,” it makes you feel like you’re really a part of the company. For me, it gives me a great feeling of pride to be representing the people who have made a difference in the lives of families, and often, saved a life.

So yes, I have been given the responsibility of serving as the public face of an organization in the online world, and it’s one of the greatest jobs I’ve ever had.

So how do YOU explain your role?

(Thanks to www.someecards.com for this great graphic!)


Author: Nancy Jean

I love reading, writing, music, the beach, and being a mom to two rescue dogs. My job is social media for health care.

3 thoughts on “How to explain what you do when social media is your job

  1. I love this post, Nancy. This is a post I should have written a long time ago.

    When friends ask me what I do for my company, I state I’m one of the online faces of the company. We share our own content and promote our product obviously, but that’s just a part of it. And it’s never a hard sell, that’s for our salespeople. We share OTHER’S content, we connect with others and grow our company’s audience/network. We are brand ambassadors in the social media sphere. It’s great fun to represent the company on various online channels and I can only imagine it’s even more rewarding to do so for a healthcare organization.

    Great post

    Jason Boies
    Radian6 Community Team

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