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When a Type A marries a Type B

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couple fighting I am admittedly a Type A personality. You know what that means. I’m impatient, goal-oriented, I live by lists and love checking things off those lists, and I don’t relax until everything is done that needs to be done.

Working in social media clearly plays into all the traits of Type A personalities, and it can be a bad thing sometimes. Things never stop, lists go on and on, the tweet stream keeps flowing with more info, more blogs, more things to think about, new networks to check out and master. Phew! And here it is a Sunday.

Now, pair this Type A personality whose JOB is social media with a Type B hubby who believes that no one needs a mobile phone (he doesn’t own one) and thinks a computer is only a way to support his addiction to music. What do you get?

That’s an EXCELLENT question! I don’t know if there’s an answer either. What I can say is that apparently opposites do attract and that is a good thing. I have a feeling that my life would be pretty hectic, stressful and unfulfilling and that I would never stop. I’d be continually tweeting, pinning, reading blogs, commenting on blogs, writing posts, updating my status, and so on. And in the end, I wouldn’t have time for the gym, or for walking the dogs or for reading, or enjoying movies, without a smartphone in hand.

My point is that living with a Type B who is semi-retired and only works part-time and who is basically a technophobe keeps me grounded. He keeps me focused on what’s REALLY important in life: to enjoy it, to spend time with friends and family and to do the things that really make you happy. And while we may get ahead in our careers by working 16 hour days, and our bank accounts may grow, in the end, is it worth it? Life is too short and way too fleeting to forget that.

So here’s to the Type B in my life who keeps me doing the things I love, even if it does mean closing the laptop or putting down the smartphone a little earlier than I planned. I know in the end, I’ll be thanking him for it.


Author: Nancy Jean

I love reading, writing, music, the beach, and being a mom to two rescue dogs. My job is social media for health care.

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