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Unplugging, sort of. The benefits of a mini-staycation


Today is the first day of spring, and the last day of my three-day vacation. The reason for this short “staycation” was twofold: I needed to use up some of my earned time bank before I maxed out and also it was my anniversary.

irish dogsOn St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrated our anniversary. Normally we would be returning to our beloved white sand beach where we got married. But last year we adopted a rescue pup. Being the doting dog mother I am, living with the world’s two most spoiled dogs, I find it hard to leave them AND I can’t imagine asking anyone to take care fo two dogs for us. Hence, the staycation.

Now with social media as my full-time job, you can imagine that’s it’s not a 5-day/40-hour a week job. Anyone doing social media marketing knows that social media doesn’t take weekends off. So I usually work every day, although my hours on weekends are minimal. This isn’t something I was asked to do, it’s something I felt I had to do as a best practice.

But when you’re used to posting and monitoring and responding to multiple accounts every day, and you suddenly find yourself with five days off AND you have a non-techie hubby, well, you feel a bit pressured to actually step away from the laptop and the iPhone and just, well, live!

And live I did. And wow, “living” is heavenly! While I didn’t technically unplug, I perused my email and only responded to two work emails, from my director, who I’m actually quite close to personally. I checked my personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, and made myself ignore all the emails and iPhone notifications about Twitter mentions and Facebook posts for all the accounts I manage.

cosmoI went out to lunch twice with my hubby. Yes, LUNCH. People actually go out to lunch and sit and talk and enjoy each other’s company without picking up a phone to check their email or social media pages! I even enjoyed a cosmo with one of those lunches, along with a decadent meal option during a totally off-the diet-lunch at a “bucket list” restaurant. So yes, I felt a bit guilty about making some not so healthy decisions, but I DID NOT feel guilty about not checking my email constantly. I was NOT worried that I might miss a tweet or status update that I had to immediately respond to lest the sky come crashing down. I went to the gym and didn’t look at the time, nor did I read and respond to emails while I was doing a cool down on the bike.

And guess what. The world did not end, I’m calm and relaxed, and I have a clean house and a fridge full of healthy food and a new bedroom set being delivered to a spring-cleaned room, and I curled up and watched a movie with my hubby in the middle of the afternoon…all because I took some time to just LIVE. If you haven’t done anything like that lately, I highly recommend it.

So when was the last time you stepped away and just did some living?


Author: Nancy Jean

I love reading, writing, music, the beach, and being a mom to two rescue dogs. My job is social media for health care.

2 thoughts on “Unplugging, sort of. The benefits of a mini-staycation

  1. Good for you!! We all need to unplug sometimes … it’s hard, but definitely necessary!

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