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Feeling inept and guilty. How to find that happy medium.


???????????????????????This weekend I had a lot of plans. In addition to my normal weekend social media postings for work. I was hoping to get to a nursery to select two flowering bushes. I was also hoping to get caught up on my RSS feed which has been sorely overlooked lately. Identifying a few blog ideas and  getting some thoughts down would have been nice too. Finally, I wanted to figure out how to get iTunes home sharing to work so I could get the awesome workout playlist my hubby, Mr. J., made for me onto my iPhone.

And guess what I did. NONE of them! I got my social postings done and did get to the gym on both days, but I got NOTHING done that was on my to-do list. And as a result, I’m starting the week feeling inept and guilty. Inept because I’m feeling very behind on everything, and unable to catch up and make headway and guilty for not having focused my attention on the things I needed to.

Instead I relaxed, read some of the new book I started, and even dozed off for a few brief, wonderful minutes on Saturday afternoon! On Sunday morning, I visited a friend with my dogs for a doggie playdate. Then later I enjoyed a quiet afternoon lunch and cocktail while watching the Red Sox game with Mr. J at one of our fave local places.

Weekends are meant to be enjoyed, right? But when we do, how many of us are left feeling this way because of all the demands we feel from our professional lives, and the need to keep up in social networks. Is it worth relaxing if we start our Monday feeling guilty, inept, and completely unorganized?

And I wonder, what is the solution… to stay up to date and on top of things and never take time to enjoy life and relax? There has to be a happy medium, right?

How do YOU find the happy medium in your life? Do you set time aside, do you follow rigid schedules, do you never relax? Share your secrets to managing it all! There’s plenty of people who could use some tips.

Author: Nancy Jean

I love reading, writing, music, the beach, and being a mom to two rescue dogs. My job is social media for health care.

4 thoughts on “Feeling inept and guilty. How to find that happy medium.

  1. You’re being way too hard on yourself. Rest and relaxation are essential for being on top of your game when you start work again on Monday morning! Maybe you could delegate getting that play list onto your iPhone to the hubby.

    • Oh dear Bonnie thanks SO much for easing my guilt a bit! And if the wonderful Mr. J was a bit less tech-challenged, I’d have him fixing that in a heartbeat! The truth is, the man doesn’t even own a cell phone. How’s THAT for opposites attracting? 🙂 How do YOU do it all and make it looks so effortless, with all those social posts and fab blogs?

  2. Sounds like my weekend Nancy, I never seem to get it ALL done that I want. We just have to accept it, move on and put less on the list for the following weekend 🙂 We thought technology would give us more time but instead it is giving us less.

    • Thanks, Lisa — glad to hear I’m in good company! Although you seem to always be on top of everything, and you make it look so easy! And as far as technology, it’s a love-hate relationship. LOL! I like your idea for putting less on the to-do list. That just might be the secret! 😉 THANKS!

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