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Darn you RSS feed!


RSSI love reading. Whether it’s books, web sites, blogs, magazines, I love to read. And working in PR and social media, reading is necessary to keep up with news of the day, what is trending or the hot topics du jour.

Over the last few years, I’ve built quite a list of blogs I like to read. It’s so easy when you come across something you like and you just hit that little RSS button and add it to your reader. My list is a mix of social and tech sites and personal blogs from really great, really smart people who wax eloquently and often about a variety of topics, including social media.

I love the mix of topics, from Bonnie Sashin talking about her beloved grandson Jack or what it’s like to row on the Charles River in the morning on Bonnie’s On It, to Jayme Soulati’s brilliant thoughts on marketing in today’s world on Soulati-tude (even the name is fab!), to the straight talking, no holds barred honesty of Gini Dietrich on the amazing Spin Sucks blog, absolutely one of my long-standing faves. Then of course there’s the brilliant Shelly Kramer who has given me more tips and tricks that use on a daily basis, along with wonderful commentary on so many topics on her V3 Kansas City Integrated Marketing blog.  I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t include Margie Clayman and her wide mix of topics (which is what I absolutely adore about this blog, not to mention her lovely writing style) on Margie’s Moments of Tiyoweh. And then there’s the amazing Geoff Livingston who recently started writing longer, more thoughtful, beautifully written posts that are thoroughly enjoyable and an escape from the norm, which I just love.

Of course these are just a handful of my favorite bloggers, and I could go on and on (and on!) with many more from my reader, which is Feedly since Google announced it wouldn’t offer Reader anymore. Sigh. Don’t get me started on that. But I digress. My point is, I could spend my entire day and most nights trying to keep up with my reader, reading the thoughts that come from these brilliant minds that are then crafted so beautifully into a wonderful little package we know as a blog.

The problem is how do you keep up? My days are filled from morning to night just managing my job responsibilities, and rarely getting to that list of “I should do that when I get a chance” tasks (I bet you’re nodding your head right now in complete understanding!). I hadn’t been on my reader in a while and today I had 724 new posts to peruse. Yes, 724. So I can either scroll through and delete most and maybe have some time to read the ones that really jump out at me, or I can mark them all as read and start over tomorrow.

But being my father’s daughter and never wanting to throw anything away, I find it impossible to do the latter, so I will start the slow process of going through my list and saving many for later reading, some of which I’ll get to and some I won’t, and I’ll be obsessed with the fact that I missed a vital piece of hot info, or an opinion by one of my fave bloggers that was just not to be missed. You know the feeling, right?

So for now, I’m going to end this post and head over to my reader. But I’m wondering what your favorite blogs are, and how you manage to keep up with your reading. I’m sure I’m not alone in this dilemma!

Author: Nancy Jean

I love reading, writing, music, the beach, and being a mom to two rescue dogs. My job is social media for health care.

11 thoughts on “Darn you RSS feed!

  1. You are so wonderful to include me! Thanks, Nancy! I read each of these bloggers frequently, as well. I can count on them for leading perspective and nudges for harder thinking!

    • Thanks for the comment, Jayme! I so enjoy reading all of your work… so please share how you manage to keep up with all your reading, writing and regular work!

  2. Nancy Jean,

    Your post made me smile so broadly …. what a kind and wonderful person you are. And I’m honored to be included, alongside many dear friends, in your list of favorites. I don’t keep up. I am woefully behind. Always. So I carve out time, usually in the morning and again at night to sit and try to wade through all the things I want to read. The other thing I do is open things I MUST read and leave them in an open browser tab. That way, I don’t forget about them and am resolute about not closing the tab until I’ve read the post. Sigh. And it doesn’t get any easier, I’m sure.

    Thank you again for your kind words and grace, and for the honor of including my blog among your favorites. You’re the bestest.

  3. Nancy, you are such a kind and gracious person, not to mention a talented social media pro and gifted blogger. Thank you so much for including my blog in your post!

  4. Nancy, I love the blogs you recommended – most I had not come across before. I either subscribe via email (and then unsubscribe if i get too many or irrelevant ones) to some and then I find others on places like Triberr, Blog Engage, Scoop.it. or other social networks. It sure is getting harder to keep. I used to love the RSS feed. I hear feedly is good but have to experiment with it yet.

    • So you’re finding even MORE things to read on all these others! I need to take a tip from you and go through my list and unsubscribe from some. Thanks for reading, as always! Stay cool today.

  5. You know what? Your blog reading habits change. I have five blogs I read every day (or at least scan), then I comment on the blogs that include links to us (even if it’s woefully late – sorry!) to say thank you, and then I make my rounds to the blogs I can’t get to daily, but don’t want to miss. I’ve actually stopped using my RSS feed because of this tact.

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