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Should we really post it just because we can?

I recently read a post by Ryan Hanley (@RyanHanley_Com) about the use of the word guru and how everyone is now able to get on the web, call themselves a guru and repeat everything the real “gurus” have been saying for years and call it their own. It got me to thinking that with all the blog posts, Facebook status updates and tweets posted in a day, it’s very difficult to weed through and find the real gems. And there are no web police to monitor for plagiarism (or is there and that’s something I’ve been missing?).

I subscribe to a variety of blogs, mostly about social media, because I still consider myself in a learning phase. Frankly, with the exception of a few people who are clearly thought leaders and true experts in this field (some folks come to mind like Brian Solis, Danny Brown, Jay Baer, Gini Dietrich and others), I think we’re ALL still in the midst of the proverbial learning curve when it comes to social media. There’s something new, something different, something changing. Every. Single. Day. But I digress. My point is that there ARE true thought leaders out there, but it’s hard to hear what they’re saying because of all the other chatter from the self-titled “gurus.”

As I was going through my RSS feeds tonight, I did what I normally do — I scroll through and read things that have headlines that are appealing, catchy, new or different. (Another reminder that headlines are KEY!) Then I saw this: “Women on Social Media Ideal Targets for Ads, Experts Say.” REALLY? Did we honestly need experts to tell us that women are targets for ads? Who are these “experts” who have decided that this is news? Because to me, it’s just clutter in an overwhelming RSS feed list that was sorely neglected during a long weekend.

What this headline did was prove to me that people are so pressured to get information out there and post content, they’re not thinking about what’s real, what’s important, and, to put on my PR hat here, what is really “news.”

So just because we have the ability to post something because of the great big online world we are now afforded, it doesn’t mean it really should be posted. (Kind of like this rant right now, but I sure feel better posting it!) What do you think — are too many people sharing too much “stuff” just because they can? Would love to hear from you!